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~ News ~
Driving Safety
Posted on Nov 10th, 2020
Dear Neighbors,
                The shorter days are adding to the risk of accidents in Ashebrooke, where our lack of sidewalks consign pedestrians, pets, and vehicles to the same thoroughfares.  Lately, some of us in our haste are increasing that risk by driving at unsafe speeds. 
                Please slow down and as needed remind other drivers in your family how any accident involving personal injury instantly becomes a life-changing event for all parties involved.  It just isn’t worth either the heartache or the hassle.
                As president of the Association I am accustomed to being notified for one alleged infraction or another, and it is not my role to enforce laws or wag fingers.  Regarding threats to safety, however, I am quite willing to do the same as I advise those who bring these matters to my attention:  Report serious threats to our common safety to the Cobb County Police.
                Let’s avoid the need to do this by simply practicing common courtesy in how we drive through our narrow streets.
                Thanks very much.
                Dan Rutz

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