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East Cobb Civic Assn.

The East Cobb Civic Association brings individual homeowners and associations together to promote and maintain the community, lifestyle and camaraderie we moved to East Cobb to enjoy.

The ECCA Board and members influence the Cobb County government's decisions, initiatives, and zoning and variance rulings that impact East Cobb communities. Through their participation, ECCA members are kept aware of important votes, meetings and issues and are encouraged to be active in voicing their support or concerns.

General membership meetings are held the last Wednesday of each month, except for November and December, which are combined as a special planning. Meetings begin at 7:00 p.m. and are held at the East Cobb Government Service Center, 4400 Lower Roswell Road, Marietta, unless otherwise noted.
Their website address is:
Updated 4/29/24:
The ECCA recently made us (members) aware of a few amendments proposed by the county board to the official code of Cobb county. Some of these changes may impact stormwater management.
As a follow up, the ECCA came up with some recommendations and submitted those to the Board of Commissioners. The related information is given in the following documents (attached herewith) for your information:
1.      Original observation (Date: 5 March)
2.      ECCA Recommendations to the Cobb County Board of Commissioners
3.      Presentation Notes (Date: 12 March)
4.      Updates shared by ECCA with the members (Date: 13 March)
5.      Follow up notes
6.      Corrections to follow up notes
Please note: The opinion and views mentioned in the document are of ECCA. The Ashebrooke board does not endorse or oppose it in any way.
Ashebrooke HOA